Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am

I am the baby born in Fort Oglethorpe, GA to parents that thought they had already had all the kids they were going to.Who scared her Daddy's mother when I took a dive from my crib and knocked myself out.
I am the child who played alone and read books and wanted more. Who loved her daddy and books and going to school so much that I ran away at age 4 to go to school.Who stored nothing in my treasure box because her daddy did not fit.Who dreamed of being a mama and never thought she would be one.
I am the teenager who did not fit in with the freaks, the jocks or the brains.Who wore nice clothes and no jewelry and loved books and hated being alone Who drank and did drugs and then felt more alone.Who dreamed of being loved and knew she would never find it
I am the woman who gave birth at 18 in a farmhouse in Texas because there was no money for a hospital.Who loves her family and peace and her animalsI am the mother who loves to cook and goes crazy if I have to throw it awayand whose moments of perfect bliss come when I am holding my Brook in my arms.I am the housewife who loves her home and avoids the outside world and who used to be whatever you wanted her to be.
I am the woman who is shy and loyal and stubbornI am the person who somehow keeps going forward no matter how hard she is hit and then puts herself down for no reason.
I am the woman who still loves books and school, but never again will I read like I once did because my eyes won't let me.Who still longs to learn to play classical pianoI am the person who dreams of a big family and happiness and is grateful for still having my daughter that almost died and my granddaughter and who hopes that my granddaughter has love and happiness and a good life.
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