Thursday, March 22, 2007

Have you ever?

1. failed a test? Never unless you count a pregnancy test.
2.gotten an F on your report card? Never
3.gotten a D on your report card? Never I was a straight A student until collage, then I got a B in a class
4.had a crush on a teacher? Yes.
5. been hit on by someone a lot older than you? Oh yes.
6.been grounded? No. My mama spanked
7.been drunk? Oh yes. Used to be a drunk in high school(yep and still made A's)
8.kissed someone without knowing their name? Yup.
9.given someone a lap dance? No
10..slept over someone of the opposite sex's house? Yep.
11.had someone of the opposite sex sleep over your house? Yep.
12. dated two people at the same time? Yeah but not on the same date
13.had a crush on one of your best friends?
14.dated one of your best friends? Nope.
15.been proposed to? A few times.
16. been told you look like a celebrity? LOL
17.cried while watching a reality show? no!
18.cried while watching a soap opera? Yes I have. It is an outlet for my emotions.
19.been in a play? In second grade I was a bridesmaid in "The Wedding Of The Painted Doll" In high school I played an old maid(as in housemaid)
20.had a good part/lead in a play? Nah.
21.fallen asleep in class? Yep. Everytime they showed a movie in class
22. a full game of Monopoly Oh yes, all the
23.been hospitalized? Several times.
24.kissed in the rain? Yes. And more.
25.thrown up in school? Not that I can remember
26. cried in school? MANY times.
27.gone to school in your pajamas? NO! My granddaughter has. They have pj day.
28.made one of your parents cry? I made my mom cry a lot.
29.had a stalker? No
30..stalked someone else? No.
31. avoided someone? All the time.
32.worn a band shirt without even knowing anything about the band? No.
33.kissed someone way older than you? Yes.
34.kissed someone way younger than you? yes and we will leave it at that
35.sang loudly in public? Too many times.