Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Today is a horrible day for my daughter and her boss. Candy was watching Dee's horse and yesterday evening it became colicky. Candy was up all night with the horse. I spent all evening and all morning helping. We thought it was out of the woods, she was eating and passing gas. We walked that horse a long time. She and Johnny walked it all night. Yes the vet did come 3 times. Dee was in Florida. She drove all night to come home. This horse is her baby. This horse is in terrible danger right now. As I write Dee and Candy are on their way to Knoxville with the horse. That is the closest large animal hospital that can handle this. It is believed that her gut twisted. She is requiring emergency surgery. She may not make it The horse's name is Spirit. She is full of it. Pray that she can recover. Dee is taking this real hard. Last year when she went to Florida she had a horse get out and was killed when struck by a car.
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Astaryth said...

My heart goes out to Dee (and Candy-- it's hard even though it's not your fault when something in your care has a problem!) I hope Spirit comes thru fine.

It sounds like a partial twist --because of the getting better and relapsing-- and that might be good news. Often if the twist isn't full there is little dead gut and that is a good thing! Please let us know what happens.

Sending all good thoughts and positive energy to Spirit, Dee and Candy!