Sunday, June 17, 2007

before tea

It is amazing at how much you can get down BEFORE that first cup of caffeine, in my case hot tea.
I am horse sitting. This horse has to be confined to a stall because it is stupid. LOL Really it is. It ate a mulch pile and had to have it's guts pulled out and cleaned. MAJOR surgery! It has to be walked for 15-20 minutes every couple hours. That is what I normally do. I go over to where it lives and walk it during the day. Since Friday the horse has been here with me while its owner went fishing with her dad. This means early in the morning I have to get up and get the horse out of the stall and walk it. Not only that, I have to scoop poop and urine socked shavings out of the stall, soak 2 flakes of hay in water for 20 minutes, and empty and refill water bucket. I now remember why I hate locking a horse up in a stall.
After doing all that I then get me a cup of tea. I know if I get it before doing that stuff I will sit around and sip it and the day will just slip by me. Oh yea I also weeded in the garden for 30 minutes.


BarnGoddess said...

Keeping horses in stalls can be a huge pain! Mucking isnt one of my favorite chores to do.

Horses are just like people, some have more sense than others!

omg, I would have needed 2 cups of coffee BEFORE I made it out the door......

Cindy said...

Hi- just stopping by to view your tues cats photo, just put up my first one today, a day late... you have a nice blog here. I enjoyed my visit and will surely be back!

Gattina said...

I only have to feed 5 cats before I get my first cup of coffee !

HowToMe said...

I think I'd just have to get up earlier. Sipping Coffee/Tea is important ;-)

You sound like a hard worker. That's a rare quality these days.