Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Round Robin Challenge

Hello Robins

Time for a new challenge to enjoy. :) Marie, author of the blog, "Photographs and Memories Too" submitted the challenge topic, "Black and White Landscape" during our recent challenge topic round-up, and I thought it sounded like a nifty idea. With the weather changing to rain and snow throughout the country, what better way to see the beauty in those cold days, then to get out with the camera and let the creative juices flow? You might even see a beautiful, picturesque scene out a window, and capture it, so don't feel like you have to go out into the rain and snow if you don't want to. :) Perhaps you took a lovely landscape photo last summer, that works as well, although a brand new photo taken by you is always enjoyable to see.

The date of the next challenge will be, Saturday, December 15th, and as always you can post your entry at any time that day, or if you need to post late, you can post up to one week after the challenge. If you know the date you will be posting, just drop us an email and we will be happy to place a little note next to your name on the Linking List, so that other's will know when to visit your entry. :) If you do plan to join us, please provide us with the following information...

Your Name
The Name Of Your Blog or Journal
The Full address of your Blog or Journal



That's all there is to it. :) If you haven't played the challenges before, please click on the link on the sidebar to read the **Welcome Entry And Rules Of Play**. Now, go grab your cameras, and comeback here on Saturday, December 15th, ready to show off your creativeness in black and white. See you then!

Go here to sign up. Sign up in the comment section under that week's challenge.


Gattina said...

I knew and will participate, although my camera doesn't take black and white pictures or at least I don't know the function, never tried.
Today is a bad day for Rosie, she will get neutred ! Think of her !

lisa's chaos said...

Hey, I'm interested but not sure exactly where to sign up - here? I clicked on the photo blog and saw the little picture "Round Robin" but no link. Sorry to be a dunce.