Monday, July 28, 2008

Life goes on and on

I am not sure how things with Pat will turn out. Someone stated that maybe she does not have as big a pull as I think so because after all, he is still here with me. There is nothing to stop him from leaving or making me leave. So life goes on.
Things have been changing around here in the cat department. Little Bit had her babies inside and they, of course, survived. They are gone now. Brook had both of the babies with her. Susie has been upset quite a bit lately. She lost her babies before due date. Now she is smacking all the cats. She does not want to stay inside anymore. Smokey has become a loving little boy. Well maybe not so little anymore. Tiger , his brother is slowing joining the wild side. Big Yellow is ready to move inside as always. He is starting to take better care of his personal grooming habits lately. Johnny is as quiet as ever. I never see him fighting. The fighters are Blackie and Big Yellow. They are battling for head cat. I have news for them, Buddy is head cat. In case of fire he will be the first out. I like all my cats but I love Buddy.


Gattina said...

That's a lot of cat news ! and I wondered why you didn't participate in COT !

Margaret Cloud said...

I love cats and sounds like you have a lot. I lost my beautiful Melody a year ago she became very ill, Melody is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge just this side of heaven. Have a wonderful time with your cats.