Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Riding alone

I wonder why riding the tractor always makes me feel good? It is relaxing for me. Today I got to get out and do some cutting. I did not get to yesterday because silly me left the switch on and drained the battery dead. I finished the front field and started on the side field. That one will be slow cutting. The weeds are taller than the tractor. With the clutch slipping some I cannot take a full 5 foot cut or it will bog down and quit or break a sheer pin. I would like to get it all done before September gets here. The weather starts cooling off again then and grass will grow. It effects how much hay I use in the winter and how soon I start feeding hay. In a good winter I do not have to start feeding hay until late November or December.
I like riding the tractor. You see all kinds of critters. Today all I saw were a few snakes and rats. Who knows what I will see tomorrow. I will take my camera with me tomorrow.


Margaret Cloud said...

I love farms, my Aunt had a farm when we were kids and I visited a lot. Do you do all the farm work and is the tractor a very big one?