Wednesday, August 20, 2008

still going

Like the pink bunny, I am still going and going and going. Somehow I manage to take what life throws at me.

We got the tractor back going again. It does not run great but it goes for awhile anyway. I can handle 30 minutes at a time. If I can do that at least twice a day I will get this place cut in the next 2 weeks. We are in desperate need of rain. The grass is dry and crunchy. Even the weeds are thirsty! You know it is bad when you run over a fire ant hill and it has been abandoned! I have been running over a lot of hills. I keep ducking for fear of getting a bunch of ants thrown on my back by the brush hog.

Life sure can throw curve balls. Good thing, or maybe it is a bad thing, I am good at catching them. I guess if I catch them then maybe nobody else will.

Things with Pat are slowly working themselves out. As for Brook, I get to see her on Tae Kwon Do days. This week she snuck out and we went to the store and ate dinner. I don't think her mama was very happy about that but so what. Brook was willing to take the chance. To0morrow I actually get to take her to the dentist. Poor thing has a tooth coming in wrong. It is busting through the gums above the gumline and the other toth is still there and NOT loose. It looks as if the same thing is about to happen on the other side also.

Pictures. I have none. It seems I have misplaced my cable to download them, AGAIN.

I am working on getting back into the rythmn of things again. I hope to be blogging more and still getting my work done! LOL

So that is it for now. See y'all later.