Friday, February 13, 2009

Give....a hand up: A blog to offer a hand up.

Give....a hand up: A blog to offer a hand up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Friday, September 5, 2008


For what it is worth, I am back. LOL

Let's see. Saturday. Beautiful day. The sun was shining I was ready and Pat was slow. LOL Packed once then repacked to a lighter bag. Then we were off!

From Blue Ridge vacation
On our way to the Blue Ridge Parkway. 5 days of camping out and riding the motorcycle. We did not make it as far as I hoped the first day. I forgot that Pat was a 5 miler. Go 5 miles and stop. I am just kidding. But I swear that man stopped so many times I was afraid we would not even make it to North Carolina the first day! It was a beautiful ride. We took the scenic route. LOL One of the first places we saw was the Occoe.
From Blue Ridge vacation
Great white water rafting there so I have been told. You would not get me in one of those rafts or a kayak! We saw where the Olympics held the white water events when it was in Atlanta.
Finally we arrived in North Carolina. We passed the road that leads to the Dragon's Tail, US 129. This is a trip we plan in the future. In Andrews, NC we pass a Harley Shop we just had to stop to see. How about that for a bike? Daylight is quickly going and we have miles to go. We get to Bryson City just outside of Cherokee and decided to find a campsite.
From Blue Ridge vacation
There we set up camp and the fun began! LOL As we unpacked we found that 1 small bag had been left out. The one that held our utensils! Luckily that was not too big of a problem. We found a couple forks packed away but no can opener so no chili on the hot dogs. The campground was right on the river.
From Blue Ridge vacation
It was also right on the highway so the sounds of loud motorcycles roared until late at night.
The next morning dawned early. We were up before daylight and started getting breakfast fixed and breaking down camp. Remember I am with pokey. 4 hours later we are on our way. Finally we get on the Parkway!
The mountains are beautiful! I recommend going there at least once in your life. We got to the highest point on the Parkway and had to take our picture!
From Blue Ridge vacation
You cannot not take one there! It was at that stop that we saw a woman with her little dog tucked in too! On a motorcycle! There were lots of bikes and lots of mountains
From Blue Ridge vacation
In Asheville the fun began. Part of the Parkway was closed due to rock slides so we were detoured to the interstate for our next leg of the trip. We were headed to Linville Falls where we were going to stay for a day or 2. This section of the interstate is scary to me. We were going to ride down Black Mountain.
From Blue Ridge vacation
I hate that. It is a steep grade. Lots of wrecks have happened on that mountain.
As it was that was our last ride. Shortly after getting to the bottom Pat pulled over. We had a tire going flat. Sunday, a holiday weekend, on the side of an interstate. Not what I wanted to do! After an hour or so a police officer stopped. It seems someone called in a wreck with dead bodies! Stupid! At that time we were waiting on our ride. We knew we had a long wait! Luckily we had a deck of cards. Pat found out that I am a killer in Gin and poker! LOL What gets me is NO ONE stopped! Seven hours on the side of the road and no one stopped. Also no police other than that first one. I could not believe it. Seven hours and no troupers! The first cop was a city cop! I was disappointed in our fellow bikers. At least 200 went by and no one stopped.
So our trip was cut short and once again a major expense incurred. $300 in gas for the tow home. $200 for a new tire. Ugh . Might be last vacation for a long while!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


We are out of here. Headed out for a 5 day motorcycle ride and camping trip on the Blue Rodge Parkway!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

box head

I need a box for my head. 5 days of hurting is enough. I hate insurance, I hate doctors, I hate anything medical right now. Actually I always had. It is a miracle I got into the medical field to make a living. Stupid.

Last week I was bit by a brown recluse spider. The doctor says that my headache is due to the poison in my system. I wonder. Right about 3 weeks ago I fell off the porch and knocked myself out. He said we will wait and see if the medicine works. Could be dead by then.

Next grip. The medicine he prescribed for me has to be pre approved by insurance company! Here we go again, the insurance company telling Doctors how to do their job.

Next grip. The pharmacy waited until doctor's office was closed before faxing the stuff to the doctor's office and expected me to pay full price for the medicine. So now I STILL do not have the medicine I need.

My legs hurt. It was just 1 leg hurting( was bit on the back of my leg) Tonight both legs hurt. My inguinal lymph nodes are swollen. It feels as if there are bruises on my legs. My legs is swollen. My head hurts. I feel like I am dying.