Monday, February 12, 2007


I tell you today has been ... well it has been. LOL
First thing this morning at 8am I hear a knock on my door. Now mind you this is the first day I have slept past 6:30 in I can't tell you how long. It is the water company guy telling me that he ran my horse back up our driveway. Not what I wanted to hear right off the bat. So I get my shoes on and head out the door. I find where she went back in thru an electric gate. I had to get a piece of wire to repair that. No way to stretch the wire so I can mend it. Actually I had already gotten some wire and cutters and turned the power off before I went to look. I knew what I would find. Precious (I am assuming it was her) does not jump so I knew that the wire would be broke. Anyway I walk the fence to see where she went out at. All this and I have NOT had my cup of tea yet! I did not find any other place broken. I did find some loose wire where she may have gone out at. This is not good. The fence is not electrified at that place. I will have to run some more barbed wire and set a couple more posts. I had done a temporary fix there in the past when some dogs had run her thru the fence. I had basically forgotten that it was a TEMPORARY fix.
It is a beautiful day today. 64 degrees right now and I really do not feel like doing a darn thing except soak up some rays! It is days like this that remind me that I do have to get back on my diet and lose this weight. I must get back into my longer walks. These short ones are not cutting it. I can contribute my weight gain and no walking to nothing more than sheer laziness! It just takes a small effort to get started but I have not been doing that. My sugar is creeping up and I don't like that. I have to start caring about what my life is going to be like in the future and now. Overweight, bad health, and laziness is not what I want.
HUM maybe I should join the will exercise for comments club.
I played with my new sewing machine today. Brook has a new blue uniform that I need to sew patches on. I do not know how to sew but I am willing to learn. Actuall I think I may be a bit eager to learn! I never wanted to learn in the past but now as I get older and more settled I want something to do.
Ok it is time to check on the animals and see if Baby ate her grain. She is starting to make some headway with that. Soon, very soon, I will have to add another wire to the bottom of the fence to keep her in the field and start letting her out.