Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just some stuff

Today has been a day! Vistors today that would not leave. You know, the kind that eats ans eats and then poops all over? Three ladies today that had no respect for their presence on someone else place! They decided to have a picnic in my back yard.

Today was also garden day. I got started in my small garden. It is about 20 feet by 5 feet. My granddaughter Brook helped me get started on the tilling. I was so glad that it only took about 5 minutes of pulling the cord to get it started. My plants are ready for the ground. Now all I have to do is finish the ground!

That's it for now. See yall later.


Mona said...

Oh wow! That is something else with the cows! The most I have had was a young goose stop by, lol :o) Hope the cows got to where they should be!


Anonymous said...

I wish I had the veggies from a garden! Its lots of work but they are sooooo good. I go to the farmers market now.

Great pics.

Karen said...

I am so itching for gardening! Here in Chicago, it's back to 35 degrees today. :(

Stephanie said...

I got excited for the garden this week. We got a layer of manure on, but then it rained and is cold so it won't get tilled for awhile! :(

Thanks for adding the widget! :)