Thursday, April 26, 2007

10 Good things

  1. Best thing you’ve seen in the past week.
  2. Best thing you’ve heard in the past week.
  3. Best thing you’ve eaten (or not, for dieters) in the past week.
  4. Best thing you’ve learned in the past week.
  5. Best place you’ve been in the past week.
  6. Best thing you’ve accomplished in the past week.
  7. Best thing you’ve said (or not) in the past week.
  8. Best thing you’ve read in the past week.
  9. Most touching moment in the past week.
  10. Biggest dragon you’ve slain in the past week.
  • The best thing I have seen this week was blessed rain. We are in a drought situation and we really need it.
  • The best thing I have heard was Brook telling me how happy she was to be here with me.
  • I know this may sound strange, but the best thing I ate this week was a hot dog cooked on the grill outside. I love when it gets a bit burnt.
  • Best thing I learned this week is to shut up when Pat gets unreasonable.
  • Best place I have been this week was outside, riding the tractor.
  • The best thing I have accomplished this week was getting my garden tilled
  • Best thing I have said was" Go see your mother"
  • Best thing I have read this week was a Mother's Day card from my daughter
  • Most touching moment was when Susie decided to lick the baby that was not hers instead of biting it.
  • I am not sure that I have actually slain any dragons this week.

I got this from a journal Coming to Terms. Every week I will try to post something using the template above. How about joining me and posting 10 good things in your own blog.