Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life on the farm

Out in the world of blue skies and sunshine I work on our farm. This week I got a new tiller for my garden. Not just any old tiller but one that gets pulled by another machine not pushed by me! This is a great improvement! Every year it takes me close to a month to get my garden all tilled up with my walk behind tiller. In addition to that I get real sore and hurting. I tilled my garden in one day!!! I borrowed a four wheeler because our tractor is too high for the tiller. Next year I will have a bar to lower the connection on the tractor so I can use it instead. Last night Brook and I planted part of the garden. We put in 48 tomato plants and 23 bell pepper plants. In my small garden I have 16 broccoli plants and 16 Brussels sprout plants. I also have several heads of romaine lettuce. I have some jalapeno plants to go in the small garden also. This morning it rained on the garden and that is the best watering a plant can have.
Another thing I have been doing all week is mowing the fields. Monday I got the front section mowed, Tuesday I mowed the front field where the barn is, Wednesday I mowed the section next to the garden and this morning I mowed part of the lower back field. This section did not get mowed good last year and it has small trees and Brier bushes growing in it. This is a hard section to mow if it has rained because it is lower than the rest of the field. Years ago back in the early days, someone used to use our field for a landing strip so the middle gets boggy when it rains. Unfortunately I did not get to finish the mowing. My battery went dead on the tractor. I tested the alternator and it is putting out so I must have a bad wire somewhere and the battery is not charging. Yes, I do know how to do things like test alternators. As a necessary thing, I learned how to do a lot of things. It is called survival.