Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catson Tuesday, Susie

I have cats! LOL Yes indeed. First off is Susie. She is now the oldest. She is 11. We call her Queen Susie. She is the mother or grandmother of all my cats. She is not a social cat. She is rather regal except when she is playing. She loves playing with her babies. She is not a cuddle cat either but she does like to get in your lap and she will graciously allow you to rub her head.
She had a hard time making it to where she is now. When she scratched brook in the face when Brook was a baby I thought Pat was going to kill her. I did convince him that it was okay. It was so cute watching Susie and Brook grow up. Pat would be eating his breakfast ad feed hem both. I had to make him big breakfasts because he did not get to eat it all for himself. He looked like a bird feeding babies. brook would be standing there with her mouth open for a bite and Susie would have her paw on his leg reminding him that she wanted hers too. Now Susie had to have hers in order. She liked to have a bite of toast with egg on it and then a bite of bacon. To this day when Pat gets his food she is right there. It does not matter what it is she wants some. She might not eat it but she will not go away until she gets hers.
Susie is a forever mama. Just the other night a tomcat came into the yard and jumped one of my males. Susie came flying across the yard and bowled over that tom and she sent his fur flying and him too! No one messes with her babies! LOl Her baby is several years old and really does not need the protection of a tiny mother.
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Criz Lai said...

Gosh... a mummy and a street fighter.. haha. Anyway, I think any Mum would do anything just to protect their kittens.

Pss..you should have shot Susie's face.I would want to see how fierce she is.. hehe :P

Gattina said...

Seems that Susie is quite a character and protective too ! Arthur always has to share breakfast with Mr. Gattino and he loves Cornflakes !!
My female cats are not very nice together they don't like each other and hiss all the time. With humans they are very friendly !

Luna said...

That is a cute story about Susie. She is a little like our Luzie, except Luzies babies are no more here. but if they were here I think she would do the same. You can see how important she will be.
Happy Tuesday too !!!

TorAa said...

So nice to read about your cats and their behaviours. They are all small personalities.

Anonymous said...

I understand her mother instinct, I would do the same for my "kittens" (both human and feline). LOL!

Susie does seem very regal and only expects the best treatment, table food and all. Very cute post!

Kuanyin said...

She's a very cool cat/tiger!

Deana said...

I think Susie is very sweet to protect her children still. We had a grandma/mama cat as a child that we dearly loved. She wasn't affectionate but she was dedicated.

Jewelgirl said...

Hello Susie!
The queen of the household
usually is fierce, that's
how she rules the 'pride'!?
I hope you stop by and say
hello to my pride.