Friday, March 23, 2007

Sebastian, part 3

After 3 days up in a tree, Sebastian was looking pitiful. He was also scaring me. Every once in awhile his head would drop below the branch or a foot would slip off. Once his whole hiney slipped and he slowly pulled himself back up on the branch. It is too small for me to call it a limb! I had even called the television station for help by this time. My voice was hoarse from calling for him to come down, my eyes were dry and swollen from the tears I had shed. A car pulled in my driveway that I did not recognize. A young man got out, my daughter's ex boyfriend. He goes to his trunk and gets some rope, a backpack and some other gear. He had heard about Sebastian and had borried some tree climbing gear. Up the tree he went. He stopped quite a few time going up , wiping his brow. He looked so pale. I was worried that the heat was getting to him. Finally he reached Sebastian and picked him up. Sebastian went limp in his arms. He placed him in the backpack and headed down the tree. Once on the ground I took Sebastian from the backpack and took him inside. He was so thin and dehydrated! It was a miracle that he was still alive. It was the middle of the summer and we had been hitting temperatures in the hundreds. He was so weak that he could not drink. I gave him droppers of water and stroked his throat so he could swallow. He regained his strength and never again did he fall out of the window! He made sure that he was on the back of the couch instead of the window after that!

Afterwards I found out that Shawn had an extreme fear of heights. He was pale because of his fear not the heat. He said because of his respect for me and because he knew how much I loved that cat he had to do something. I will always be grateful for that young man for his act of bravery.


scribbit said...

How wonderful of him. People can do such nice things sometimes!

Alexandra said...

What a great I'll have to go back and read the first two parts! What a hero for saving the poor kitty...dh has saved a few kitties. He's a fire fighter...wouldn't the FD respond?