Wednesday, August 1, 2007

horse, bo and other stuff

The horses have settled in over at the stud's place. They are not in a pasture with any other horses but the other horses can come up to the fence where they are. I go over there twice a day to check on them. I could never leave Precious anywhere again without seeing her every day.

School starts tomorrow. I cannot believe how early it is starting. Brook is not happy with who her teacher is, not because she has heard anything bad about her but because oon the supply list she lists needing another notebook in addition to the 2 she already needs. WOW. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of work! Her teacher is going to check and see if she can be tested to be in the gifted program. Once again her class will be in a trailor. Our area has grown so much that we have outgrown the school. I believe we have 10 trailors now. We are lucky at our school. The kids get regular PE, art, and computer classes. Music,unfortunately is not taught.

Has anybody tried those Air Wick micro air freshers? The one that gives a little puff every so often? I bought one and it does so much better than the scented oil plugins.

My weight loss class has ended. I have only lost 5 pounds but I feel so much better. Next month special weapons classes start. Brook is already signed up for it. Master Lee says I can sign up also. I am seriously considering it. It will be a class on using a bo staff. Now if I could be as good as this 8 YEAR OLD!!!

I need to get busy. I just spent the last couple hours reading journals!