Monday, August 6, 2007

halfway there

What a weekend. Pat and I went to check on the horses and Crystal let us know when we walked her by the stud that she was ready! He started sweet talking her and lordy I did not think Pat could hold her! Well we decided to take Precious over there and we got the opposite reaction. Precious almost pulled Pat's arms off trying to get back into the pasture away from the stud. This morning she was less anxious but she is NOT ready to breed. We will keep teasing her and the stud's owner will keep teasing her also. Hopefully soon she will be ready. If she will just relax more while the stud is talking to her then we will give her a shot to help bring her into heat. She is scared and I will not rush her. Crystal did mate yesterday. If she is pregnant then she is due July 13th 2008 give or take 10 days. I am excited!
That's my news!